Bringing Unique, Exciting and,Nostalgic Handpoured Coconut and Soy Candles to you with a Urban Vibe.

Urban Vibes Candles are unique and nostalgic aromas, that take you back to a time in your life, were things were a lot simpler. Whether it be sitting in front of the tv watching your favorite cartoons as a child, or waiting for fresh baked cookies to come out of the oven at granny's house. We have scents that will have you reminiscing  about that old thang you let slip away, or talking a walk in field of fresh flowers. Exotic scents to make you feel like your on the beach having your favorite cocktail. Need a Mood Boost, check out our aromatherapy Mood Boosters, infused with Mint to uplift your mood, or to help you Rest,and relax. All Urban Vibes Candles are made with Wooden Wicks, that provided a special fire place essence to your candle experience. We have it all, So get the Vibes you Deserve today!!!

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